Pending comment tracker – WDP 1.3.4 update info

Wapuu Dashboard Pet has had several updates over the past month or so. Here is a little run down of some of the new features.

Pending comment tracking

Do you put off managing the comments on your WordPress site, or are you prone to spam comments?

Pending comments in your WordPress dashboard can run up your database size if not kept in check. Wapuu now has an optional feature allowing you to add pending comment loads to the list of things that will make them sad.

This acts as an extra prompt to keep your comments in check, anything pending should either be approved or deleted otherwise this will add to Wapuu’s unhappiness levels.

You can set the allowed number of pending comments to a level which suits your website.

Code cleanup and update links

In addition to the comment checker there have also been some code improvements and now Wapuu’s Health Report will link to the relevant sections of the WordPress admin area so you can perform the tasks needed to make your Wapuu happy.

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